Spanish 21 Rules - Learn at Ease

Talking about Spanish 21 rules firstly we must state that this game is played with six or eight Spanish card decks (48 cards in each, except 10's). In such type of deck the player edge and the dealer edge are balanced with bonuses and beneficial rules.

Important that there are a lot of Spanish 21 variations all over the world and that's why the rules of Spanish 21 game will vary for sure. But the regular rules are the next (in players favor indeed):

  • Double after split is possible;
  • Re-splitting is possible;
  • Late surrender is possible;
  • You always win with 21 on hands;
  • Your blackjack beats the dealer's one;
  • You can double with any cards number on your hands;
  • According to Spanish 21 rules you can always double down and hit after you split Aces;
  • "Double down rescue" rule allows you to surrender after doubling. You lose a sum equal to your original bet;
  • 21 in five-cards hand pays 3:2. A six-card blackjack by-turn pays 2:1. Having seven cards or more blackjack pays 3:1. After splitting or doubling the bonus is not honored;
  • The combination of 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 with suits mixed pays 3:2. If the suits are the same - pays 2:1. Of spades? 3:1. After splitting or doubling these bonuses usually do not pay;
  • Suited and lucky 7-7-7 pays a thousand of dollars for bets of 5-24 and five thousand of dollars for bets of 25 and over. Additionally all your playmates receive a 50 bucks "envy bonus." After splitting or doubling this bonus does not pay.

Variable rules

  • Having a soft 17 the dealer may stand or hit;
  • The dealer uses 6 or 8 Spanish decks;
  • In some casinos the redoubling is legal (up to 3 times).

In addition

Spanish 21 rules offer an optional side bet named "Match the Dealer" as well. In regulation with blackjack rules the player wins concerned bet having the rank of his one card or both cards which suits the rank of the dealer's up card. On six-deck game such matching pays 4 to 1 (3 to 1 while eight-deck playing). And a "perfect match" of suit and rank pays (just imagine) 9 to 1 on six decks and 12 to 1 on eight decks. Also you can win on both hands.

Described side bet contains a house edge of 3% (roughly) and it's much higher than the main game's edge. Even so it's one of the lowest house edge of a side bet in any blackjack card game.

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