Popular Blackjack Variations

VariationsIt is a well-known fact that Blackjack occupies the top of the most popular and wide-spread casino card games. It's simple, enjoyable and stylish. Being either a green amateur or mature professional, you know this game as a fundamental one. With blackjack we start, proceed… and for sure end too.

Most of the players are only aware of standard or regular blackjack card game variation. But we may state that there is quite a numerous bulk of popular blackjack variations with its own peculiarities, strategies and rule differentiations.

A short list of Blackjack games

In the paragraphs given below we provide you with a short list of blackjack variations adding a compact characteristic of each.


Pontoon casino card game is a well-known variant of the U.S. Spanish 21 game which is played in Malaysian and Australian gambling houses. The most obvious special features which differentiate this game from standard blackjackare the following:

  • Both dealer starting cards dealt face-down;
  • Terms differentiation: Pontoon = Blackjack, Twist = Hit, Buy = Double Down;
  • Low house edge.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 card game is another variant of the regular blackjack which is played almost in every casino. This game has the next special features:

  • 10's are excepted;
  • "Match the dealer" possibility;
  • Combination of 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 and other bonuses.

Blackjack switch

Many blackjack players enjoy this version of blackjack card game most of all. They find Blackjack switch more interesting than the regular blackjack. This game is notable for the next peculiarities:

  • Switch decision possibility;
  • Low house edge;
  • The dealer's 22 points push;
  • Even money blackjack.

Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip being a variation of regular blackjack has the next differences in rules:

  • The dealer checks his hand for 21;
  • Double down on every total of initial hand;
  • Every 10 points value cards may be split.

Perfect Pairs

The next variant of the regular blackjack card game is the Perfect Pairs. It has a lot of similarities with standard blackjack rules and the main peculiarities are laid in the following:

  • Side bet named "perfect pairs" possibility;
  • A lot of bonuses for a player.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is a variation of standard blackjack card game which is mostly played in European casinos. Particularly this game has the following specific rules:

  • A hand may consist of 11 cards max;
  • No surrender available;
  • The dealer puts his hole card only after the all player turns;

Chinese Blackjack

Chinese Blackjack is a popular and quite cheerful kind of a blackjack game.This game is played in South East Asia. Also you can find such names of this game as Ban-luck or 21-point.This game has numerous differentiations and special features:

  • The dealer's ability to reveal player cards; The dealer's ability to settle bets;
  • Unbusted 5-card combination bonus;
  • Such unique features in Chinese Blackjack rules as: Ban-ban rule, Ban-luck rule and 15 Points (a free hand) rule; 7-7-7 and Pairs bonuses.

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 card game is a variation of standard blackjack card game which possesses the specific rules given below:

  • One deck playing; Even money blackjack;
  • Blackjack in diamonds bonus;
  • 21 points with 5 or more cards bonuses;
  • High rate of house edge.

Elimination Blackjack

Elimination Blackjack is a variation of regularcasino blackjack game which was invented by Russ Hamilton. The main difference of this game lays in its tournament format. Other peculiarities are given below:

  • Rival split from the dealer to the player;
  • The fixed bet wage; 25 seconds decision;
  • "Secret Bet" possibility;
  • Elimination peculiarities.
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