Blackjack Variations - Spanish 21

street_on_tableSpanish 21 card game is a variant of blackjack (by the way it's Masque Publishing Inc. which owns this game) which also may be called "Spanish Blackjack". Also you can find this variant of the game (with some significant differentiations) in Malaysia and Australia by the name "Pontoon".

The blackjack game Spanish 21 was firstly introduced in 1995 in Nevada. Some former manager of the casino tried to introduce a new kind of blackjack - more exciting and joyful. So he adopts a 48 card deck for traditional "Twenty-one" game. He removed all the 10's out of six-deck shoe and off he went. You can see brave Jacks, beautiful Queens and bearded Kings - but no more boring 10's.

House edge

Without the 10's the house should receive a bulk of an edge. But not so fast. At the same time the playing rules and payoffs become more beneficial for the player. In addition the house advantages numbers 0.8% for those who worship the proper strategy. The same house edge may be found in standard two-deck shoe blackjack card game.

Besides the house edge may vary:

  • Soft 17 and the dealer stands - 0.40%
  • Soft 17 and the dealer hits(redoubling is allowed) - 0.42%
  • Soft 17 and the dealer hits(redoubling is not allowed) - 0.76%


The Spanish 21 strategy possesses a combinatorial program dealing with game's six deck nature and card composition. All the tips can be found in books named "Armada Strategies for Spanish 21" (Frank Scoblete) and "Secrets of the New Casino Games" (Marten Jensen). Also you should get aquatinted with such authors as Katarina Walker and Mike Hopson.

Match the dealer

At some casinos the rule "Match the dealer" is used. This side bet is available either if the first or the both player's cards match the dealer's ones.

Super bonus

The chance to hit the Super Bonus (three 7's of same suit on your hand and a 7 as dealer face up card) with six decks is 1 in 668,382 and 1 in 549,188 having eight decks. The bet amount and the number of players influence the drop in the house edge. In a six deck game the Super Bonus reduces the house edge by 0.030% with no else players and bets of 5 bucks or 25 bucks exactly. Playing an eight-deck game the Super Bonus reduces the house edge by 0.036%. If the bet numbers is equivalent to 5 bucks then the house edge is lowered by the Envy Bonus with an additional 0.0015% (in a six-deck game) and 0.0018% playing an eight-deck game for each additional player. 2024 All Rights Reserved