Blackjack Switch Strategy - Turn It On

The basic strategy of Blackjack switch after the switching decision is presented in the table below (forthe game in which the dealer hits having his soft 17 and peeps for blackjack). In comparison with basic blackjack strategy, playing the blackjack switch you havelesspermitted occasions for doubling or splitting, and more occasions for permitted hitting at the risk to go bust. The dealer's 22 push-rule influences this differences.

H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double; SP = Split.

The switch decision

Usually it's obvious for a player whether to switch or not. Even so the counter-intuitive and borderline situations are still in common. It's a very hard thing - to summarize the switch decision tactics. Just keep it mind that the right switching choice very slightly depends on the cards of the dealer.So particularly in this blackjack card game it's up to you to plan your steps and choose the right decision. 2024 All Rights Reserved