European Blackjack Strategy

Let's consider the next tables of European Blackjack strategy (its basic variants) in order to provide you with more chances for winning and ability to learn blackjack with ease. The manual of European Blackjack strategy table is quite simple to understand. You just choose the total of your hand in the first vertical column and compares it with the dealer's starting (face up) card. The cell where the both results are 'crossed' automatically shows you the tip.

H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double; SP = Split.


Talking about European Blackjack strategy it's important to admit the general payouts which are peculiar to European Blackjack game.

Early surrender

If you play the house which permits an early surrender then just use it in combinations given below:

  • From 12 up to 17 against an Ace, (also with a pair of 6's, 7's or 8's on your hands);
  • From 5 up to 7 against an Ace, (also with a pair of 3's);
  • From to 14 up to 16 against 10, (also with a pair of 7's or 8's);
  • Your 16 against 9. 2023 All Rights Reserved