Blackjack Variations - Perfect Pairs

2_pairs_and_chipsUnder the name "Perfect Pairs" we find another variant of a standard blackjack game. This game uses six decks with 52 cards each, with a dealer in the role of your principal rival. Perfect Pairs has the same rules as in Vegas strip game but with one outstanding difference - a side bet of the same name as in the headline. This added feature allows you to battle for some bonus money, spirit and joy.

So what's the deal with this spicy feature of game under consideration? Firstly you place an additional (so-called "side bet") bet into a special spot on the blackjack table. Then you pray your Gods to provide you with two cards which will form a happy pair. If it's not - divorce loss of bet is announced. If you are a lucky guy - the round will proceed and at the end of it (whether you beat the dealer or not) you will triumph. The house shall provide you with your side bet multiplied by 5, 10 or 30 (it depends on exact type of your happy pair).

Perfect Pair variations

The scheme of Perfect Pair bet is given below:

  • Perfect Pairs - 30:1-a pair of 2 cards with equal suits and same color(e.g. two Queens of Diamonds);
  • Colored Pairs - 10:1 - a pair of 2 cards with different suitsbut with the same color(e.g. one Queen of Diamond and one Queen of Hearts);
  • Mixed Pairs - 5:1 - a pair of one card with red suit and one card with black suit (e.g. one Queen of Diamond and one Queen of Clubs).

Also it must be also mentioned that the side bet may not be equal to a main wage.

Other payouts

  • Winning hand - 1:1;
  • Insurance - 2:1;
  • Blackjack - 3:2;
  • Push - first wager returned.

The dealer's actions

  • Any 16 or less - the dealer hits;
  • Any 17 or more - the dealer stands;
  • Hard 16 or less - the dealer hits;
  • Hard 17 or more - the dealer stands;
  • Soft 17 or less - the dealer hits;
  • Soft 18 or more - the dealer stands;


According to the blackjack rules insurance reckons as a side bet and shields you from the dealer's blackjack. You can purchase it only when the dealer's visible card is an Ace. Insurance costs ½ of you original bet. The dealer got blackjack? The insurance is paid to you with ratio 2:1. If your rival isn't so lucky - the side bet called "insurance" moves to the house. 2023 All Rights Reserved