Blackjack Odds - Take Your Chance

cards_on_keyboardFor better understanding the blackjack card game you should understand the basic blackjack odds. Indispensable to wallet to realize in what way the casinos achieve their edge and how does it actually work. You should get acquainted with the text below in order to master the logistics of blackjack.

Casino + dealer advantages in card game named blackjack

Remember the number 8%. Most dealers in most gambling houses have such a percentage of their advantage. So how do they work this out? Casino achieves its advantage 'cause the dealer is the last one who acts during a play. You may already go bust while the dealer doesn't even move his brow.

But the story is not so dramatic. Using card counting technique or some other basic blackjack strategies correctly you can 'knock down' this 8% to 0.5%! In this way you'll provide yourself with a great advantage over the house.

Not to get busted when you hit?

Agree that it's very important to understand the opportunity to get busted while you are holding and studying your cards thoroughly. Use the list which is placed below as a massive aid:


The frequencies of two-card count

The next list will show your chances to get appropriate points (or not) at a hand.


The probability of dealer final hand

This blackjack odds table describes the probability of dealer final hand.


Player advantage against dealer up card

Let's look at the first two columns in a list given below. Here we observe the chance of a dealer to gobust according to his up card which we can see. In the third column we observe the player advantage (while he is using basic strategy) in comparison with dealer up cards.


The results of cards removal from a deck

Lastly we can find out the result of certain card removal from a 52-card deck. It is stated that some cards obtain a much powerful effect on blackjack odds.

Thus if we exclude every 5 out of a deck - players blackjack odds will be improved. And on the contrary - disappearing of Aces adds benefits to the casino.

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