No Bust 21 Blackjack Rules

There are different blackjack variants being played in online and traditional casinos. You will find blackjack games played in online casino that is present in land based casinos and vice versa. One of the best variant of blackjack game is No Bust 21, which is a very exciting type of blackjack to play. You will find this game different from other online blackjack variants. The first dissimilarity is that it is being played with the use of 54 card decks including the two jokers. The second difference is that player is given a chance not to lose his or her bet even right after he or she bust. Want to try this game now? You are welcome to try out William Hill blackjack variations represented at their website, No Bust 21 and much more included.

No Bust 21 vs Traditional Blackjack

No bust 21 is similar to traditional blackjack game when it comes to its simplicity as well as strategies. It also uses 6 deck shoes and each deck has 52 cards and jokers. All of these cards will be dealt facing up except for the hole cards of the dealer and players. Each player has chance to become the dealer. Players will be given with two cards and they can hit or draw additional cards. All cards are dealt in clockwise that will start from the player from the first seating position. The dealer will receive his card last. If you got two Aces for the first two cards and a joke with a value of 10, then it is equivalent to blackjack. The main objective of the game is to reach the sum of 21 without exceeding and this is known as natural blackjack. You will bust once you get cards that are over 21.

Game Rules

This specific variant of blackjack has its own rule that is not very far away from the traditional blackjack rule. All cards within the game have its own face value. Jokers are considered as hard 21 and player can choose not to draw. Aces have a value of 1 or 11. Other face cards have value of 10 and each card is also the sum of their face value. The hand of each player will be compared to the dealer’s hand. If you want to win the game, then you should not exceed in natural blackjack or 21. All players will get two cards on the first deal. Players can freely draw cards.

Strategy for No Bust 21 game is determined using computer simulation. This variation of blackjack appears as a very friendly game as it can offer advantage to the player. The players can get two or one payout for natural blackjack and an opportunity to not lose his or her initial bet right after the very first bust. There are other variations of blackjack that you can play online and offline. For as long as you know the basic of the game, it is possible for a player like you to play any variation of blackjack. You can choose to play online for free if you just want to play the game just for fun. If you want to play for money, then there are lots of reputable casino sites where you can sign up and deposit money. 2024 All Rights Reserved