Learn Blackjack Media - Useful and Entertaining


In the following article you can find the list of useful and entertaining learnblackjack media (books and movies) which will assist you on your way to winning, joy and success.

The books list which is given below covers some obvious stories, detailed analyses, principal warnings and useful ideas for amateurs and skillful players both. These books will teach how to learn blackjack with ease and play it in a proper way.

Best 8 Books list

  1. Blackjack: Take the Money and Run(Henry Tamburin)

    The book is perfect for those players who are looking for learning on how to play and how to win (which is more importantly). The book possesses 3 levels of blackjack strategies for the amateurs, intermediate and advanced gamblers.

  2. Best Blackjack (Frank Scoblete)

    The author shares with his knowledge of blackjack card game with purpose to ease your mastering process of this card game. The book intended for beginners and mature players both.

  3. Basic Blackjack(Stanford Wong)

    The considered book is one of the most significant books which deals with basic blackjack strategy. It has a lot of advices to follow and discussions to analyze.

  4. The Blackjack Zone(Eliot Jacobson)

    This book gives the answer to such questions as: what works and what doesn't and why. It deals with the basic strategy and card counting technique.

  5. Blackjack Attack (Don Schlesinger)

    This book is for those who are looking for math analysis of blackjack card game in whole and counting technique in particular.

  6. Twenty-first Century Blackjack(Walter Thomason)

    This book provides with card counting system alternative. It possesses a betting system which is easy to master and learn and very simple to use.

  7. Blackjack Autumn(Barry Meadow)

    Here is a very interesting book of an author who travelled all over the Nevada casinos and reflected his experience in his book.

  8. Blackjack Wisdom(Arnold Snyder)

    This book has themes which are not considered in many other books. E.g. a team plays strategies, shuffle analysis, some aspects of card counting technique.

Blackjack movies

There are many different types of thematic movies which deal with blackjack learning. Some of them have an educationalaim (they are filmed in documentary genre), and the other ones are made for entertainmentonly.

Here we can enumerate three best and well-known educational movies dealing with blackjack:

  1. Blackjack, Slots and Craps Winning Strategies (2005)
  2. 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack (2005)
  3. Essential Blackjack: A Guide for Players and Dealers (2006)

All these films provide you with useful info which contains blackjack rules and strategies, and also teaches you how to succeed in your game.

Learn blackjack with fun

Are you looking for a pure amusement + learn blackjack process? Then you should add the following art films to your collection on the shelf.

  1. Croupier (1988) - directed by Mike Hodges;
  2. 21 (2008)- directed by Robert Luketic.

In addition we should state that the lists of books and films which are given above are not complete. We've enumerated the basic names of learn blackjack media for you to know and check if you are interested in.

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