Pontoon Rules for Players Platoons

Pontoon blackjack card game is a little bit complicated than standard (or regular) blackjack. Although this may be true that this gamestill is easy to learn and master.

According to Pontoon rules two or more players can participate in this game. The game anywhere from 5 to 8 players at one table is considered as a premium one. The dealer uses 52 card deck and the players need either chips or money to bet.

Let's have a good look at specific features of Pontoon rules:

  • 8 standard decks are used for Pontoon game. The values of the cards are the same as in regular blackjack;
  • The rank scale of hands in this game is the next:
    • Blackjack (here Pontoon)
    • five-card non-busted hand (five-card hands of equal value indifferent tototal points)
    • then the same rules as in standard blackjack card game (a hand with 21 points with less than five cards is the next in the rank of highest hands; the worst hand is the busted hand)
  • Every five-card hand is paid 2:1 of your original wager indifferent to your point total. The same with hands that you split. Of course it doesn't concern the hand which goes bust;
  • Every Blackjacks (here Pontoons) are paid 2:1 of your original wager;
  • All wins of other players pay even money;
  • The dealer wins all ties (5-card hands and Pontoons also);
  • After you make a bet, you get two cards face up. The dealer receives his hand with two cards face down;
  • The dealer checks his cards for a Blackjack (Pontoon) and if he is a lucky one - all bets are lost;
  • You must proceed hitting up to five-cards hand if your point total less than 15;
  • You can Hit (according to Pontoon rules - Twist) at any point even after your double down;
  • Double down is allowed at every2,3,or 4 card hand but you can use only once per hand. This blackjack rule is also permitted for split hands;
  • You can split 2 times max and up to 3 hands. Splitting is only enabled for cards with equal rank (aces too). If you are splitting aces, a pontoon pays out 2:1,plus - splitting and doubling are permitted;
  • The dealer plays out his hand after all players are done with their own hands. The dealer plays until his hand reaches 17's. Every non-busted five-card hand of the dealer has the similar value to the players' five-card hand.
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