Blackjack Terminology (Terms + Slangs)


Use this list of blackjack terminology and slangs given below to orientate you well in the world of blackjack.


Anchorman - according to blackjack terminology, the last player of the table, the last acting person


Blackjack - a hand which automatically wins (contains an Ace and any card values 10)

Bust - a hand with a total more than twenty-one points


Card Counter - a mature player who remembers the value of the cards which have already been dealt


Dealer - the casino official, the main rival of the players, the person who also deals the cards to play

Deck - a standard pack of 52 cards which are used to play blackjack card game

Double Down - the player doubles his bet and gets one additional card procedure

Draw a Card - the procedure of getting additional card


Early Surrender - the player signals a white flag, leaves the game and takes a ½ of his bet back


First Baseman - according to blackjack terminology, the first player of the table, the first acting person

Flat Bet - the player bets the same wage for each hand


Hand - the cards which are dealt by the dealer for each player

Hard Total - according to blackjack terminology, every hand in which the Ace is absent or counts as 1 point

Head-to-Head - opposing the dealer one-to-one, other players at absent

Hit - getting an extra card in addition to your initial hand

Hole Card - is considered the dealer's card placed unseen

House = the casino


Insurance - an optional bet which is made if the dealer has an ace face-up.


Mucker - a cheat person who uses added favorable cards in the games with multiple decks

Multiple-Deck - a game which is played with more than 1 pack of cards


Natural - one of the definitions of blackjack

Nickels - a slang for casino chips cost 5 bucks


Paint - the name for every Jack, Queen, or King

Penetration - the sum of cards which are dealt out before shuffling

Push - is announced when the player and the dealer have a tie, no winners - no losers


Quarters - a slang for casino chips cost 5 bucks


Round - the series of play which are completed and in which every participant of a game has acted on his hands


Shoe - a box which contains the decks of cards for blackjack games

Shuffle - the dealer's action of mixing the cards before he deals them

Single-Deck - only one deck of cards is used while playing the blackjack game

Soft Total - according to blackjack terminology, every hand in which the Ace is present and counts as 11 points

Splitting Pairs - ability to split the cards which are ranked identically and to play them as separate hands

Stand, Stand Pat - no more cards to take decision

Stiff Card - the card with rank from 2 to 6

Stiff Hand - the hand with total of 12 up to 16; will go bust if any 10-value card will additionally arrive

Surrender - watch Early Surrender


Ten-Value Card - each card which costs 10 points (the 10's, Jacks, Queens, or Kings)

Third Baseman - watch Anchorman

Tip or Toke - act of generosity when the player gives a gratuity to the dealer

Twenty-One - other usual name of blackjack card game.


Unit - a standard size of the bet

Upcard - the dealer's face-up card, seen by the players 2024 All Rights Reserved