Blackjack Variations - Super Fun 21


Super Fun 21 card game is a variant of blackjack with significant differentiations in the rules (e.g. in Nevada Super Fun 21 can't even be named blackjack). Also you shouldn't mistakenly confuse this game with single deck blackjack card game.

Super Fun 21 has the play and game mechanics similar to a standard blackjack card game but at the same time this card game has several unique peculiarities which influence the rules a lot. So let's take the next list into the consideration carefully:

  • The casinos use a single deck to play Super Fun 21 (you can find a two deck playing rarely);
  • Having a soft 17 the dealer hits;
  • You may double on every number of cards;
  • It is possible to use splitting up to 4 times (for Aces too);
  • You can use late surrender on every number of cards (also after hit, split or double down);
  • Your 20 points hand or less, which is made with 6 or more cards wins at one (except after your double down);
  • Your 21 points hand which is made with 5 or more cards (except after your double down) pays 2:1;
  • Your natural blackjack always beats the dealer's one.

Even money blackjack

The most principal difference in Super Fun 21 rules lays in natural blackjack cost. If you get a natural blackjack it pays 1:1 instead of well-known and accepted 3:2 which is found in most of blackjack games. But if you were born under the lucky star and the blackjack in diamonds (Jack and Ace of diamonds) arrived to your hands then you would be paid 2:1. Hence fifteen out of sixteen natural blackjacks pay even money.

House edge

On account of single deck game with even money blackjack rule and the dealer who hits on his soft 17, Super Fun 21 card game has the house edge of 1.16 percent (1.30 percents for a double deck game). This is one of the highest rates among the blackjack games. Super Fun 21 is taken as one of the novelty blackjack variations and most of the mature players avoid this kind of the game. So it's quite up to you whether to play Super Fun 21 or choose some other variation of blackjack card game with smaller house edge and less trivial name. 2024 All Rights Reserved