Basic Blackjack Strategy in Use


The basic blackjack strategy is your fundamental tool to generate a successful play-game. In order to depart the ranks of amateurs you should master this subject obligatory. Basic strategy presents a math system in form of schemes which teach you a correct play scenario of blackjack card game. If you learn this technique in a proper way you will be able to lower the house blackjack odds from 8% to 1%.

The development process of the basic blackjack strategy took several years of computer researches. Concerned technique has many variations. After all we'll get acquainted with two common basic strategies (for a single deck and multiple deck blackjack).

The basic blackjack strategyfor a single deck blackjack:

H - Hit S - Stand D - Double P - Split

Hard Totals


Soft Totals


Pair Splitting


The basic blackjack strategy for a multiple deck blackjack:

H - Hit S - Stand D - Double P - Split

Hard Totals


Soft Totals


Pair Splitting


* HIT = if double after splitting is not allowed.


It's quite easy to use the basic blackjack strategy if you managed to understand the schemes given above. Thus the firstvertical column of the scheme is your hand, and the first horizontal column is the dealer's hand. Just choose the cell where the dealer's hand meets yours and voilà - the answer is given.


You should learn the schemes of basic blackjack strategies by heart and always keep'emin mind. This task seems unreal but if you switch on your logical thinkingwhich will aid you to understand - why just this very scenario is given.

Also you can make a tiny blackjack strategy card and put it into your pocket. And in some casinos you can even place the prepared card (or purchased one) on the playing table at your elbow.


Hey! It's not a delivery service. This strategy won't possess a 100% guarantee. Basic blackjack strategy just presents the right math decision. You can't always win using this technique (you can't always win using any technique indeed). Just assume it as a basis, learn blackjack and wish yourself a good luck. 2024 All Rights Reserved