Blackjack Variations - Chinese Blackjack

dealerChinese Blackjack is a tempting variation of standard blackjack card game for many gambling fans, both amateurs and professionals. The chief aim stands the same as for other blackjack games: to get as much close to 21 points as it possible, not to overact this mark and at least but not the last - to beat the dealer's hand. In order not to be defeated in a silly way, you should get acquainted with the major game mechanics and peculiarities.

But let's get back to Chinese Blackjack and state that this particular game also may be recognized by the name ban-luck (Hokkien) or 21-point. Chinese Blackjack is presented in South East Asia, and in Malaysia it's named as Kampung or Village Blackjack.

QUIZ: Traditionally the most of amateurs in China play this blackjack card game during the celebration of Chinese New Year. It's frankly believed that the New Year comes with a new fresh luck indeed.

Chinese blackjack is played with one or two standard 52-card decks. The number of players has no limitations but it's a question of vital importance to have one dealer obligatory. Unique peculiarities which must be voiced at the very beginning of this interesting game are the following:

  • the dealer has a right to reveal on a selective basis player's hands (which are dealt face-down);
  • also it's okay for him or she to settle bets (what a move!) and always hit;
  • unbusted 5-card combination applies a special status in game.

Although Chinese Blackjack possesses standard rules, some house rules are permitted.

More spicy peculiarities: Ban-ban

If you get your ban-ban (two Aces arrived to your hands) then you will receive your initial bet multiplies by 3, unless the dealer gets a ban-bantoo (the tie is announced) or if he gets a free hand (otherwise escape).


Your initial wager doubles if you get a ban-luck (an Ace + any of tens: faced cards or 10). Unless the dealer gets a ban-ban (you lose), ban-luck (the tie is announced) or again a free hand.

15 Points rule

If you've collected 15-points hand (also known as a free-hand) you can either continue the game or not. If you want to stop the game then the dealer collects all the cards of players, re-shuffles and deals again (what a crafty move we have here).

Pairs (in some houses)

If you get a pair - you become a winner. You initial bet doubles.

7-7-7 (in some houses)

If the dealer adds to your pair of 7's just another one - you win your bet 21 fold.

As we see the Chinese Blackjack is one of the weirdest variations of blackjack card game with its special charm and set of actions to dispute and/or enjoy. 2024 All Rights Reserved