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Every story has its own beginning - well-known or recalled only with the help of encyclopedia. And the startpoint can be sharp or blurred. Dealing with card games history we state the last with confidence.

It's hard to know the exact origin of a card game. The only way is to explore some general knowledge and facts. Blackjack card game is one of those card games the past of which is hard to explore.

Still it's a very important thing to know the right history of a given subject. Moreover additional knowledge will never be unnecessary for a really curious person. So now we can start to learn blackjack.


Brief story of cards

It's frankly believed that Chinese and/or Indians invented the playing cards. Such a great event dated around 900 A.D. In fact it was so long ago that it's better not to get into those ancient depths deeply. Important to realize that modern Anglo-American 52 card deck was originally associated with so-called "French Pack" (about 1600's) which lately was adopted.

QUIZ.It must be mentioned that the first 'traces' of gambling (in general) are roughly dated year 2300 B.C. And again we have a business with Chinese inventors. Additionally Ancient Greece praised gambling a lot even though it was anillegal time-spending.

The origin of blackjack

It's believed that blackjack history started in the 17th century in France. It was called "vingt-et-un" ("twenty-and-one") firstly. This root game migrates in the U.S. in 1800's after the French Revolution.

QUIZ.In that time U.S. had no laws against gambling unlike the highly ethical France. This fact made players cross the Atlantic Ocean searching for the game. From that very beginning gamblers begun to invent tips on how to play and (what is more important) how to win.

Imagine that blackjack card game has its name 'cause of a special rule in the original variant of the game. A player who got a Jack of Spades plus Ace of Spades (which are the black ones of course) was additionally rewarded.

Modern Blackjack history

In U.S. gambling was legal up to the year 1910. In 1931, Nevada re-legalized casino gambling and blackjack strengthen the chief position in the list of games offered to gamblers. The next decades casino gambling was legalized in Atlantic City and New Jersey. Lately about 20 states opened a number of small time casinos.

It must be mentioned that France, England, Monaco and some locations of Caribbean Islands are also operating casinos.

Analyze this

In order to achieve a better strategy of playing cards some players tried to explore the main aspects of the game. The pioneer of blackjack analysis was Roger Baldwin. In year 1956 he published the first strategy manual in order to help to overcome the house edge.

Edward Thorp was the next who tried to work out the main peculiarities of the game. In the year 1962 he released his researches in card counting theory.

Suchbooks were on the top of the best sellers list for New York Times. This fact shows the desire of ordinary people to play successfully.

The next person to mention was Julian Braun, an IBM employee. He combined computer knowledge and blackjack rules to find the winning ways.

QUIZ. Ken Uston was the most well-known person who actually earned a great sum of money. With the help of associates he published several books on blackjack. They tried to succeed with the help ofmini computers placed in their shoes. As a result they won 300,000 dollars in Nevada casinos.

Lately such cheatings were discovered and the card counters (as a rule) were banned to play again. But these names are printed bold in blackjack history.

Nowadays we can find blackjack tables in the North America, Europe and the UK, and also in Australia. There you can observe"brick and mortar" casinos as well as the online casino.

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