Blackjack Variations - Elimination Blackjack


Elimination Blackjack is a standard blackjack card game variation which inventor is Russ Hamilton. This game obtains a tournament format and is played during Ultimate Blackjack Tour and also can be found in many casinos. Many Internet sites provide you with online variant of Elimination Blackjack indeed.

This blackjack card game presents a mix of elements of standard blackjack and No Limit Texas Hold'Em. Also being a tournament kind of a game, the Elimination Blackjack has some differentiations in its strategy in comparison with standard blackjack games.

The most principal differ is that your chief aim is to defeat the other player, not the dealer. So now you are aware of your real rivals.


In most cases the round of Elimination Blackjack has 30 hands in length. The chips' worth varies with the house rules and organization which hosts the event.

Let's consider the main rules of Elimination Blackjack card game:

  • The rules of the game demands six decks to play;
  • Having a soft 17 or any total below the dealer must hit;
  • Having a hard 17 or any total above the dealer must stand;
  • It's okay for you to split pairs 4 times max (except the Aces);
  • Your bet must number the sum which fits the min and max limits permitted at the table (except the World Series of Blackjack tournament);
  • You may surrender your hand with recovering ½ of your original wage;
  • If the dealer's show-up is an Ace it's okay to buy insurance;
  • You can use doubling down only with 2-card hand;
  • 7 players max may occupy one table;
  • Only 25 seconds are available for you to make a decision (having a normal hand); having an "elimination hand" (heavens forbid) you may have 45 seconds for to act;

In some houses a "Secret Bet" is allowed. You just 'hide' your bet wager from other players and it becomes known only after the round is played. In the most houses such an option can be used on one occasion only (the exact round is up to you to choose).


The elimination procedure varies with the host organization rules. We can point out three of them for sure:

  • You lose all chips and say au revoir;
  • You are lack of chips to book the minimum bet;
  • You have the fewest chips to play after some fixed number of rounds which have already been played. Usually such cutoff rounds are hands No. 8, 16 and 25 ("elimination hands")

Having the fewest chips to play, you will be eliminated obligatory after "elimination hand" even if in the previous round a player has been already eliminated.

Uncork the fizz!

If you are the last one who has stayed at the playing table, or you have the most of the chips after 30 fierce rounds - then you can accept our greetings as you become a winner of the tournament. 2024 All Rights Reserved