Blackjack Tips - Keep It Sharp

A_and_K Let’s imagine that you have already explored all the basics of blackjack gaming. And now you just need some blackjack tips to get the whole picture over. Some useful hints for you to perform a winning game indeed. This article presents basic blackjack tips and states with confidence: “it’s easy to learn & thereby easy to win.”

10 steps to success

On your marks!

  • If you are a novice in blackjack card game firstly you should try and play at online casinos using practice mode with autoplay assistant. Stop using this blackjack tip the time you understand that you don’t lose your virtual money like a fool;

Watch your finance

  • Before placing yourself in front of the playing table you should decide for yourself the sum of money you are ready to spend. Every player has a harsh moment of “this one is the last and the luckiest” that’s why you should control yourself at once;

This table is mine

  • You should choose the table in casino with the max bet equal to 5% of your finances. This tip provides you with more time to play and enjoy. Also you will lose your money slightly (this time without a joy).

Basic strategy

  • It may be the most important and useful blackjack tip for you. Apply and adopt this basic blackjack strategy anytime and anywhere;

21 orienteering

  • No matter how many times it shall be mentioned, but - the chief aim of blackjack is to near 21 as much closer as you can. Wipe off the dealer out of your mind. Numbers only;

Use insurance for health and flights. Not for blackjack

  • Forget the option of insurance in blackjack card game. Just flush it away;

Split it

  • Use should split with two 8’s and two Aces but avoid using this option with 10’s and face cards;

Hit vs. Stand

  • Hit fearlessly until you have 17 or more on hand. Occupying 17 or more you stand still. And if you are a lucky one - hit accurately 18 (only if a rival has 10 on hand);

Attention to values

  • Let’simagine that the dealer has 7 or higher on hand. Then you should play until 17 (easy to store) or even higher. Facing dealer’s 4, 5, 6 - double with 9 points and play carefully with 13-17. Also you should double on your 10 if the dealer has 9 or lower. Double when you got 11.

Variety + common sense

  • Change your bets in harmony with your results. Raise them while winning, low them when the run of luck goes against you. Just use your brains in time.

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