Blackjack Variations - Pontoon

Pontoon card game is a variant of the U.S. Spanish 21 game. You can play it in Malaysian and Australian casinos. Also Pontoon blackjack can be found almost in every online casino. It's stated that this game is quite appropriate to learn how to play. Besides it has a very low house advantage and that's why Pontoon occurs to be one of the most attractive blackjack variations.

The game roots come from Britain. The rules of Pontoon are rather similar to well-known standard blackjack rules but still they have some gaps you are to remember. The main and the most obvious difference is that the dealer places his two-cards hand face down instead of one card face up. So don't be surprised or confused while watching this special feature. At large Pontoon has no officially fixed rules and has lots of variations depending on its school origin.

Eight decks are used to play Pontoon and that means you have a great deal of cards to operate. Also such a bulk of cards provides you (sometimes) with queer hands to play.


As it has been already said, Pontoon has one of the lowest house advantages. It numbers only 3.8% (if you are following the optimal pontoon strategy). It's a great plus for clearing bonuses (if they are offered by the casino).

Pontoon terms

  • Pontoon = Blackjack
  • Stick = Stand
  • Buy = Double Down
  • Twist = Hit

Pontoon variations

Federal Pontoon is a variant of the Australian Pontoon which can be found in Tasmania, Australia.

Jupiters 21 is presented in Queensland, Gold Coast, Jupiters Casino (also a variant of Australian Pontoon blackjack game).

Treasury 21 is played in Brisbane, Treasury casino and Queensland, Australia.

A short guide to Pontoon rules

Pontoon blackjack card game has more complex rules than a standard (or regular) blackjack. But it must be stated with ease that this game still remains friendly for its learners.

According to its basic rules two or more players can sit on this game. The standard 52 card deck is used in Pontoon. The players use either money or chips for betting.

In whole the Pontoon rules have some specific features which are better to learn and master before placing yourself at the playing table. 2024 All Rights Reserved