Blackjack Variations - Vegas Strip

women_and_cardsLas Vegas Strip being a variation of standard blackjack card game has some slight differences in its rules. If you are a novice in blackjack gaming you should first study regular blackjack rules. Only after that you may try to disclose the Vegas Strip and its rules for yourself.

The concerned game's name speaks for itself indeed. Las Vegas Strip is played in the most casinos of Chief City of gambling. It permits players to have a break, change the game and vary the time-spending schedule a bit.

In whole the Vegas Strip has very similar rules and nuances with standard blackjack card game. The main difference lays in splitting and doubling peculiarities. So we advise you to pay your attention to its rules and tips.

So let's have a look on Vegas Strip main rules and special features:

  • 4 decks is used for Vegas Strip playing;
  • The dealer peeps his hand for a twenty-one at once; always stands on his 17's;
  • You get 21 instead of blackjack when you use splitting of Aces and then 10 arrives to your hand;
  • You may split Aces only once in a hand;
  • You are forced to stand after splitting the Aces and receiving additional card;
  • It's possible for you to use splitting 3 times max in one hand for achieving 4 playable hands;
  • Every card values 10 may be split (e.g. you have a Jack and a Queen and you may split them if you want).
  • You are permitted to double on every total of your original two-card hand;
  • Your double bet equals the bet of your original two-card hand;
  • You can't double down after your splitting except the situation you split two Aces;
  • If the dealer gets a show-up Ace you are permitted to buy insurance before even playing your hand;
  • You lose your purchased insurance at once if you use splitting;

Vegas Strip strategy card

You may use Las Vegas strategy card given below while playing this kind of blackjack card game.

H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double; P = Split

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