Blackjack Variations - European Blackjack


European Blackjack is a well-known variation of standard blackjack card game. This game is widely spread all over the European casinos (both online and live). Also this kind of a game many families like to play at home together. The European Blackjack strategy is quite simple to master as and the rules of this game to remember and understand.

European Blackjack's chief aim is to defeat the dealer without going bust (overreach the total of 21). Face cards are cost 10 points, Aces are cost either 11 or 1 point, and numbered cards cost their face value.All these rules are the same in many other blackjack games.

European Blackjack specific rules

There are some more special rules peculiar to European Blackjack. Let's consider them in the list given below:

  • European Blackjack is performed with 2 standard decks with 52 playing cards;
  • Blackjack beats other hands with total of 21 points at once;
  • As it already has been said (but it's always useful once more to repeat) that all face cards (Jacks, Queens and a Kings) cost 10 points; Aces cost either 11 or 1;
  • You may stretch up your hand up to the eleven cards (get 9 cards additionally to your initial 2-card hand);
  • The dealer stands on his 17 (both soft and hard);
  • If the dealer goes too far and overacts the desired 21 - then he goes bust at once and you win the round automatically;
  • Blackjack is paid with standard 3:2 rate;
  • If the both of hands (yours and the dealer's one) tie then the push is announced; Also push is announced when both if you have the blackjack;
  • You lose your original bet + doubles if the dealer has blackjack and you are not so lucky;
  • It's okay to use insurance if the dealer's face-up card is an Ace;
  • Doubling is not permitted after splitting; no re-splitting is used;
  • There is no surrender it this variant of blackjack card game;
  • Only one bet position exists;
  • Also European Blackjack variation possesses a rule that deals with the dealer's hand. It tells that the dealer places his hole card on the table only after he gets his turn to act;
  • House advantage numbers extra 0.39 percent (+ 0.11% with "hole card" rule);
  • According to some other rules if the dealer gets the blackjack - then you lose your original bet only (not splits or doubles).

It's rather necessarily to understand and accept all these rules before facing the green table carpet. Also it may be useful for you to play some online casino with other casino fans before your live performing. Practice is always a proper key to a success. 2024 All Rights Reserved