Blackjack Variations - Blackjack Switch

21_on_tableBlackjack switch is a well-known variant of blackjack card game. A lot of players enjoy this version most of all other blackjack games. They find this game more joyful and interesting than standard blackjack. Blackjack switch is notable for its midget house edge and some noticeable differentiations (a switch decision in particular).

In whole a switch decision (when you trade your two top cards between two hands) according to standard blackjack rules is a cheating action indeed. To counterbalance this pleasantness is called up the dealers 22 result which counts as an instant push. Also a blackjack combination pays 1:1 instead of generally accepted 3:2. So keep this info in mind and make your own decisions attentively.

Nowadays the Blackjack switch is present at the online casinos and different casinos in Vegas and Russia.

Blackjack switch management

  • The standard blackjack is the basis of Blackjack switch card game;
  • During the game the dealer uses six or eight decks;
  • Having a soft 17 the dealer hits as a rule;
  • You make bets of equal size both;
  • Cards are dealt face up;
  • If the dealer has a 10 or an Ace up he may peep at blackjack. You lose at once if the dealer gets it. If you have a blackjack too - the push is stated;
  • You can switch only second cards of your hand. E.g. you have 7, 10 and 10, 5. You may switch 10 and 5 in order to have two hands of 12 and 20. You may also use the switch technique with the purpose to get a blackjack;
  • If you switch and though get a blackjack - it counts as twenty-one;
  • You can double any of your two cards;
  • You can double after having a split;
  • You can re-split up to 4 hands;
  • Winning blackjack pay 1:1;
  • The dealer's 22 hand pushes against your total of twenty-one or less. Still your blackjack beats the dealer's 22.

According to some differentiations in Russian rules except early surrender is possible (not vs. an Ace sometimes), the dealer doesn't take a hole card and also stands having soft 17.

House edge

Discussing the blackjack odds and the house edge in particular we may state that it numbers 0.58%. Below you can see some effects on the house edge in different rule variations.

  • Eight decks: +0.02%
  • Automatic win for switched blackjack: - 0.40%
  • Blackjack automatic winner: - 0.21%
  • The dealer stands having soft 17: - 0.30%

The house edge of the Russian variant of the game is 0.20% (in addition an early surrender vs. an Ace is permitted). 2024 All Rights Reserved