Highroller Advantages at Casinos

High rollers are people in casinos that spend a lot of money. They take gambling seriously and play for the big bucks; hence they make big wagers. This means they are a great source of income for a casino. In a casino if you spend a lot of money, you get special treatment and certain advantages that are not open to the regular players that play for fun with small deposits.

The fact is that a large part of a casino’s income is from the regular players. However, when a high roller comes into a casino, he/she can spend a million dollars in a game. So, they have the capacity to affect the monthly net income of a casino in a way that the normal gamblers cannot. They do this but expect special treatment because they know the kind of effect they have on a casino’s financial books.

Another advantage that they provide to the casino is to raise its profile. The moment a high-roller is seen frequenting a certain casino; it will most likely attract other high rollers because birds of a feather flock together. High rollers can uplift the image of the casino just by spreading a good word. They can only spread a good word if they are treated well by the casino, and many casinos strive to do this. Here are some perks that are given to high rollers by casinos:

High roller perks

Getting a personal entourage

This entourage is made up of skilled staff members expected to ensure that a high roller is as comfortable as possible. For starters, if a high roller's account is substantial enough, he/she gets a personal accounts manager. This employee of the casino is supposed to ensure that anything to do with the management of the players funds in the casino goes as smoothly as possible. They have the permission in particular cases to expedite withdrawals and payments. In particular cases, they can give credit to a set limit, as well. They also ensure that the players get juicy benefits such as bonuses in terms of cash or chips that are only entitled to them based on their unique status.

Accommodation perks and extra services

This means they get specialized accommodation such as penthouse hotel suites with discrete entrances such as their own elevators. They get free food and drinks that are first class in terms of quality. They get tickets to exclusive concerts and sports events, and special occasions such as birthdays are honored by the Casino with free gifts.

Bending rules

The high roller values the casino experience, and this means that the casino employees are supposed to make it as unique as possible. Since high rollers appreciate the thrill of gambling for high stakes, the casino can lift table limits and betting ranges to suit them. They also arrange games with great players so that the high rollers experience great games.

There are many casinos around, and the basis of high roller advantages is to attract big spenders and keep their business in the casino. However, the high roller has to be worth the good treatment in the long run so that the casino regains its investment in him/her.

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