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No more bets! Chips are at their places, player are strained. Croupier takes the decks and starts to deal the cards – two for each player, faces up. The atmosphere becomes more intense. Dealer’s one card is up – it’s the Jack of Spades. Everyone at the table waits when he checks his down card to make sure that the game is still in run. No ace – the only thought which appears in mind of all the players. Only one of them looks quite relaxes and self-assured. He’s got nine of diamonds and Ace of harts. But who cares on suits? Dealer waits a second and turns up his card. Sign of relief has blown over the table – he has six of clubs. The player with nine and Ace raises his hand. We’ve got the winner!

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If you have never played blackjack or just have problems with understanding of game terms, we advise you to make use of Blackjack glossary, where you can find explanations of all unknown words, used in blackjack and sometimes even at other games. Do not know what does the word hand mean at blackjack? Do you keep thinking that it is a palm with five fingers? Do not be newbie check the meaning of this important blackjack definition not to spoil your game. Have no idea what is hit and what is stand? Read attentively basic game information, as these two terms are your main decisions during the blackjack card dealing. Also check the card values not to bust and keep your hand under control.

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  • Pontoon

    Pontoon variation is one of the most popular blackjack games. Notice the game terms peculiarities and follow the rules short guide. Train the game playing at online casino...
  • Spanish 21

    Spanish 21
    Spanish 21 blackjack variation offers you the regular gameplay with some interesting peculiarities. Traditional old-school performance for real connoisseurs and beginners both...
  • Vegas Strip

    Vegas strip
    Uncover the Vegas Strip card game. Pay your attention to the game rules and their specific features. Visit the Gambling Mecca and play this blackjack games variation...
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