Elimination Blackjack Strategy - Tournament Game Tips

Let's sink deeply into Elimination Blackjack strategy theme for better understanding of the considered game mechanics. In this article we also touch upon the main tournament game peculiarities and try to understand its special features.

In accordance with Elimination Blackjack game rules the chief aim of this game sounds as: "defeat the other players, forget the dealer." 'Cause even if the dealer wins, you still have a chance to succeed in the tournament by losing the less number of wages than your rivals.

The basic Elimination blackjack strategy given below is aiming to aid you with your tournament battles.

Be aggressive

Usually, it is stated that if you are a beginner of blackjack gaming it's better for you to play aggressively and to bet more wager than the minimal one.

For example, if you decided to bet all amount of your chips at once - such an action is considered as one of the most effective in Elimination Blackjack strategy. So called "all-in" win can provide you with a huge lead and makes the other players to make big bets trying to catch you up.

Watch your position

Another useful tournament strategy for Elimination Blackjack is a chance to use your game position effectively. We are talking about the advantage of playing your hands after an opponent. So you should watch the players on the right of your shoulder. These guys will make their bets before yours, so you may act depending on them. Just stay ahead of one of these guys and don't let your chips cost lower the total of the selected player.

Use math

The next tip is a technique which deals with calculating of the button. This beginner strategy is also based on your game position. After the elimination hand or after the loss of one of the players you should count the turns (or hands) which remain to the next elimination round or final round in order to choose the right strategy. If you decided to bet early and there still a lot of hands to play, then you should act more aggressively. If you are the later bettor then you should play carefully.

Another important feature of Elimination Blackjack strategy is an ability to count chips. You should watch the sum of chips of other players to provide yourself with important info (so who is on the edge now? or who is a leader?) and formulate the bets of yours in a proper way.

Fortune favors the brave

Our final tournament blackjack strategy for beginners says that sometimes you should make "hit-or-miss" decisions and act ingenuously. For example to play such hands that you'll never perform in the standard blackjack card game while you regular playing. Agree that splitting 10's is not a current action. But be ready to introduce such rare and audacious actions during your tough moments in tournament playing.Though you must be ready for 10's splitting if you are backward and standing face-to-face with elimination hand or final hand.

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