Blackjack Card Game - Back to Basics


Blackjack (also recognized as Twenty-one) is one of the most popular casino card games. Though such position wasn’t achieved at once. Firstly gambling houses had to encourage players to choose exactly the blackjack card game.

Nowadays the world-known status of blackjack is caused by ease of its rules and basic blackjack strategies. This game presents a mix of player skills, chance, and the card counting technique, and this fact also adds the number of admirers.

Blackjack variations

During the standard blackjack card game the Anglo-American decks of 52 cards is used.  The game has lots of variations with wide range of table rules. In the casinos we can observe a large number of blackjack variations available for a player. For instance: Spanish 21 blackjack, Ties win, Single desk blackjack, Tequila Poker, Vegas strip blackjack, Regular blackjack, One and thirty, Blackjack Switch, Quinze, Double Exposure Blackjack etc.

Also blackjack card game is belonging to the same type of games as Spanish 21 and Pontoon, but unrelated to the British Black Jack which is the different type of card game.

Blackjack short guidance

Usually the brief rules of blackjack casino game are described in this way:

  • in the game participates 1 dealer and 7 players;
  • each player has a hand and plays his own game against the dealer;
  • the ultimate goal of the player is to get a higher number of cards than the dealer (but not more than 21 points);
  • player becomes a winner if this goal is reached.

Moreover we can observe virtual blackjack as online version of traditional casino card game. Being a real fan of blackjack you appreciate Internet variant of this card game indeed.

Learn more about blackjack

If you are a novice in blackjack card game then you need more detailed information concerning this theme. So we advise you to become familiar with such notions as:

  1. History of blackjack, its rules, odds and tips in order to play with more certainty and joy;
  2. Blackjack strategy will provide you with more tactical ‘tools’ and increase its diversity;
  3. Overview of popular blackjack variations aids you to choose the preferred kind of the game;
  4. Entertaining study of blackjack allows your practical studying of a subject given;
  5. Blackjack glossary will help to orientate yourself in a great bulk of gambling terms;
  6. Data which deals with virtual casinos guarantees fun-filled office time spending.

Before facing a green table carpet you should possess a highly attentive learning. And by this briefing we glad to share your responsibility. 2024 All Rights Reserved